It's finally happened: our first EP is out and can be listened to and enjoyed by all you fine people! Just head over to our Music section to grab an earful and purchase a downloadable copy! If you prefer the established shop experience of the big guys, you can also just go to the ITunes Store,  the Amazon Music Store or add our music to your playlist on Spotify

And for all of you who prefer the joyful experience of having a physical copy in your hands: We sell the real stuff in our own Store. Enjoy and thanks so much for your support!

Annie - Official Music Video

Strange Sensation - Official Music Video


The story behind "Annie" 

First of all: I don't know any person named Annie. I know a person whose name sounds similar (and who also inspired that song to a great extent), but I'm not actually singing about a real significant someone. If I did, the lyrics would probably be less innocent, because relationships never play out that innocently sweet, do they? That being said, there were two months in my life when I actually felt what I sing about: A range of emotions based on simplified Hollywood clichés, a mixture of the wonderous, youthful adventures of early Spielberg movies and the tender, awkward and sweet romantic stories found in some lesser known chick-flicks or coming-of-age films. On top of that, add all the good, blurry, idealized memories of childhood summer holidays and you're looking at the complete emotional backrop of that song...and when it came to choosing a name I could project that colorful blend of emotions on to - I chose Annie. Why? No idea. :)

Strange Sensation Video 

Let's face it: Life is too simple. That's why we decided to film our latest video for "Strange Sensation" during sunrise. Not sunset...sunRISE. Because anything else would be boring, right? Then we realized that the sun rises at 5.40 am in the morning...and so did we. Barely awake on the rooftops of Berlin. But the video's gonna be great. :)


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